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East Hermosa

The only section of Hermosa Beach that resides east of Pacific Coast Highway before Pacific Coast Highway turns into Sepulveda Blvd. While the eastern boarder of this section is not along one street it starts in the south at North Prospect Ave. and continues north along Harper Ave. up to Artesia Blvd. The southern border follows along Herondo Street like the other two sections of Hermosa Beach. The only public school in this area is Hermosa View Elementary School which is off of Prospect Ave. in the middle north area of the section. This area is similar to Redondo Beaches “Golden Triangle Section”, where developers in the 1970’s would split a lot and build two homes side-by-side. These are also known as the “Tall and Skinny” homes. A good amount of homes in this area have ocean views because of the geography of the land, the hill climbs up towards Prospect Ave. which allows some views from inside a home or like many have done and built rooftop decks with stunning ocean views.

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