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The Sand Section

Hands down the most expensive and sought-after area of the South Bay. The closeness to the coast and downtown Manhattan Beach makes for fantastic walkability to anything you could need. Manhattan Sand Section has unique “Walk Streets”, these started in the early 1900’s. The front yard of the homes have a large sidewalk while the street and parking is in the rear of the property. Many walk streets lead straight down to the sand. The differences in North to South Sand section is the topography of the land. While north more hills and the south is flatter. These both have their pros and cons. One of the historic gems of this area is the Gas Lamp District. A select few streets near Marine Avenue are lucky enough to have original and functioning Gas Lamps along the sidewalks. These lamps give off a beautiful soft glow in the evening and through the night, truly a special piece of Manhattan Beach. Finally, the famous El Porto. The homes in this area are a bit cheaper than other areas of the Sand Section, and there is a healthy amount of multi-family lots. Being able to live in one and rent the other out! This area of the Sand Section is closer to Downtown El Segundo and all the shops and restaurants there. The surf, some of the best surf in the South Bay is at El Porto’s beach. A good size parking lot to accommodate the earlier beach goers and some street parking if that is full. Truly some fantastic surf at El Porto!

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