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The Sand Section

This is the largest section of Hermosa Beach, spanning from Herondo Street North to 35th Street and Homer Street. The eastern most boarder of this section is Ardmore Avenue while the western most area is the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Even though Hermosa Beach is a smaller section in comparison to its neighboring cities there is a large variety of homes not only in Hermosa Beach but The Sand Section also. There are many large custom homes and classic beach style homes in the northern area but as you make your way south you’ll find there to be more multi-family homes and townhouses with a healthy mix in-between. Hermosa Beach despite the size of the city has a few gems located within its boundaries, some homes have very large lots and a beautiful luxurious home to match. Prices tend to be right behind those of Manhattan Beach. There are a few parks in this area also, Valley Park on the Northern end, Noble Park in the middle and of course we have South Park at the Southern end of Hermosa Beach.

Some of the most sought after homes in California reside in Hermosa Beach, along this section of the beautiful Southern California Coast. Homes in this section vary from two on a lot and single family with some multi-units available. Hermosa strand is slightly less then the homes on the Manhattan Strand. Some of the most amazing views of the Pacific and the sunsets make these homes one of a kind.

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