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VIP Private Buyer and Seller Services

With the need for utmost privacy for high profile clients our office provides a discrete array of services to facilitate with the financial process and the acquisition of the perfect home.

With over 25 years of continuing experience we pride our success on having the highest standard of service along with talented, seasoned professionals who works aggressively to provide you with real estate investment information and finance expertise. Collectively, we strive to make your experience discrete and enjoyable.

Our unique database of buyers and sellers and our relationship with brokerage clients throughout the world creates powerful opportunity to facilitate matching potential buyers with the properties best suited to their interests.

For the disposition of real estate including primary residence, vacation homes or investment property, at all times we keep our high profile client out of the public eye. Through our relationships with brokerage firms around the world we have the ability to match the right buyer for your property discretely.

Offering our services to a global market has proven success as clients look for different opportunities in Los Angeles area and throughout the world.